KM Shinn Consulting.  Elevating Performance:  A Dream Realized:

KM Shinn Consulting. Elevating Performance: A Dream Realized:

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How many of us in manufacturing dream big? You do. I am sure of it. If you work in manufacturing, you make complex products or design technical processes. Or you ensure that your product is of the highest quality and delivered on time. Maybe you work with your company’s employees and help them achieve their dreams. All of us aspire to be great. Go above and beyond. But, for some of us, there is a missing piece to our career. We can’t put our finger on it, but we want more. 

After 30 years in manufacturing, I knew there was more. Working for others was challenging and exciting but something was missing. Throughout my career, like everyone, I learned through my mistakes. I faced challenges, overcame obstacles and survived a tough environment. There are many of you out there who understand this very well. 

Nine months ago, we started KM Shinn Consulting with a purposeful goal. We wanted to help others who are facing business challenges. We wanted to share our experiences with others who truly need help. We wanted to partner with and provide value to our clients each day. That was the dream. 

Now, nine months later, we are realizing our dream. We get to work with clients who are struggling to solve business problems. We have met so many great people who are working hard every day. They are going above and beyond. They need a trusted partner to provide the guidance and perspective that comes from 30 years of facing similar problems and challenges. Elevating manufacturing performance takes hard work and perseverance. 

We not only can help our clients with complex problems, but we are honored to be able to share our experiences with many who are just starting their journey.  As a new member of the Utah STEM Action Center Foundation Board, I am proud to be able to work with others who are dedicated to supporting STEM and STEAM education programs for our Utah youth.  From judging at FIRST Lego League Robotics competitions to attending informative Best Practice Events all over Utah, the state’s commitment to this cause is evident. 

At KM Shinn Consulting, we believe we aren’t your typical “consultant”.  In fact, we aren’t terribly fond of the word “consultant”.  We are used to the so-called consultants who swoop in, make changes, give a lot of advice and leave a large invoice with very little in the amount of real change in their wake. 

We saw a better way.

We understand high expectations.  In our manufacturing careers, we have worked with great companies such as Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin and Honeywell along with General Motors, Ford, Chrysler and Toyota.  Pressure is “kind of our thing”.  So, bring it on.  Our goal is to partner with you for your success.  In nine months, we have only just begun.

Thank you to our clients and partners for helping us realize our potential.  KM Shinn Consulting appreciates the opportunity to be a small part of helping our clients realize their potential as well.

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