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Interim Executive

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Fast Track Your Success

Strategy Sessions and VIP Days for Managers
Has your business model changed after years of successful leadership? Have you just been promoted in your current company? Have you changed industries and feel like you are starting over? If you don’t want to admit you are feeling a little lost, it can help to have a mentor outside of your organization.

Results You Can Count On

  • We've led productivity improvement initiatives
    that resulted in a 30.1% increase in productivity over
    a four-year period in a successful aerospace organization

  • We've led cost reduction projects that
    resulted in $1.2 million dollars of annualized cost savings
    for a manufacturer of aluminum components

  • We led multi-discipline improvement program
    to increase throughput by 15.2% and sales by 21.7% in
    an organization with $120 million annual revenue.

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Is your business struggling to identify gaps and establish executable actions to improve your results?

We provide a critical outside perspective combined with clear action steps and support no matter the challenge. A gap analysis finds the source of the problem and identifies opportunities that require action.

Gap Analysis

Pricing starts at $4,000
Let us do the heavy lifting – from data analysis and worksite observation along with action steps to address your challenges, we provide a full and intensive gap analysis so your team knows which project is most critical to your company’s profitability.

Project Management

Pricing starts at $5,000
You’ve already identified your largest issues and are ready to move forward but need help creating and completing the right action steps. From the project start, execution, and completion – consider us your go-to partner.

Gap Analysis + Project Management

Pricing determined by project
This is our full-service package from start to finish. We integrate ourselves into your company with an intense analysis, project plan, execution, and review to ensure real results in a timely manner.
Interim executive


Short Term Hire for Long-Term Results

Hiring the wrong executive can be costly – especially when you don’t have time to lose.
Pricing typically starts at $15,000 per month but is determined by client need.

Why Hire an Interim Executive?

Critical Transitions

A leadership gap during times of transition, crisis, or change in an organization can impact your company in a negative way for a long time. We provide a proven executive with a strong track record.

Short Notice

Don’t make the mistake of hiring based on a time constraint! When a permanent placement is unnecessary or hard to find on short notice, we can offer a short-term solution to give your team the time they need to make the right decision.

Lack of Internal Candidates

Oftentimes a company doesn’t have a suitable internal candidate to take over a leadership role. We can help not only fill this space for the short-term but also mentor a high potential employee to fill the role as well.
Manufacturing training

Training & Education

Invest in Your Greatest Asset: Your Employees

Off-site seminars or training for multiple days is not always the best option even if it’s desperately needed. We’ll come to you to make the most of your valuable time and resources.
  • Reclaim Clarity: Executive Self Care Strategies
  • Operational Toolbox Training for Ops Executives
  • “Managing Up” for Mid-Level Managers
  • Advancing a Problem Solving Culture for Supervisors
  • New Product / Process Design for Engineering and Operations
  • The Art of Industrial Equipment Troubleshooting
  • Customized Training upon Client request
Pricing starts at $1,500 for a class of 15 participants or less
Manufacturing research

Research and Business Presentations

When Your Profit and Big Ideas are on the Line

Have you ever lost revenue because of a poorly done presentation? Have you ever had to regain customer confidence? Over our 30 + years in manufacturing and business, we know exactly what it takes to get the sale, capture an audience and ensure your ideas are clear and effective. We offer research, presentation creation, and coaching for mid-level managers and executives.
  • Critical Customer Presentations
  • Internal Communication and Information Meeting Presentations
  • Business Review Presentations
  • Product Research- designed for vendor and consumer use
  • Process Research- designed for manufacturers focused on process improvement
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We recommend a gap analysis be performed a few times a year, especially when metrics aren’t being met and tensions are running high.
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We recommend a gap analysis be performed a few times a year, especially when metrics aren’t being met and tensions are running high.
Learn More with Our Free Checklist