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What Would It Look Like to Truly Get the Results Your Company Needs?

And we aren’t just talking about your bottom line or your productivity.
Of course, that’s where we’ll focus to make sure your commitments and goals are achieved but you’ll also get something better when you work with us.
You see, we aren’t terribly fond of the word “consultant”. After our almost 30 years in manufacturing, we’re used to the so-called consultants who swoop in, make changes, give a lot of advice and leave a large invoice with very little in the amount of real change in their wake.
And to be really honest – we saw a better way.
KM Shinn Manufacturing Consulting

When you work with us, you’ll get more than well-meaning advice

You’ll get a partner to help you and your company through challenging times and transitions. You’ll get a coach that supports you when you need one and a detail-oriented, data-driven, proven executive partner on the plant floor.
You’ll get as much knowledge and follow up as we can give you. Because we’re lifelong learners. We have lived and learned through almost every business situation possible. We care deeply about not only getting you massive results (like the time we saved one of our companies $1.2 million annualized), but also making sure they are sustainable.

A True Partner for Your Manufacturing Needs

Manufacturing Consultant Salt Lake City, Utah
Michelle Shinn

Michelle Shinn is a consultant, trainer, and business owner who works with companies to solve complex manufacturing problems by providing clarity to leaders developing business strategy and managing process improvement projects.

With 30 years in manufacturing with the last 16 years as a high-level executive, she brings real-world knowledge and expert advice to her clients.

Michelle brings her vast experience when partnering with clients. Michelle has expertise in Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing.  She has led projects in several different industries including aerospace, automotive and heavy industrial groups.  Michelle did this while leading operations, quality and continuous improvement teams.

Michelle is available for travel and has been an integral part of workforce development and custom trainings in organizations from coast to coast. She is currently located in the Mountain West.


  • 30-year proven manufacturing operations track record in multiple industries
  • 16-year progressive responsibility in Operations Management roles
  • Led numerous Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma projects resulting in significant cost reductions
  • Responsible Executive for training, coaching and mentoring of CI and Quality System Programs
  • B.S. in Organizational Management and Master’s in Business Administration
  • Completed Executive Leadership Development Program at the University of Michigan
  • 2nd Year Doctoral Candidate in Business Administration (DBA) - University of Phoenix
  • Well-versed in manufacturing technology and innovation with project experience
  • "Michelle is a great leader and team member.
    She has an extraordinary ability to analyze problems
    and drive the team to the desired outcome."

    - Victoria N.

  • "Michelle was able to get a lot accomplished
    in a short time period in our plant, especially for
    the employees. We went from a beaten down workforce
    to a group of employees who enjoyed coming to work
    and had much better outcomes."

    - Joe S.

  • "Michelle is a no-nonsense leader who has
    really strong follow through. She motivates and
    empowers people to do their best work and
    she gives them the tools to do it."

    - Shane B.

  • "Michelle focuses on the process and her understanding of systems and how they interact helps teams identify the right path and get moving quickly to accomplish their goals."

    - David D.

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